Tuesday of Holy Week - Like a sharp sword

"He made my mouth like a sharp sword, in the shadow of his hand he hid me; he made me a polished arrow, in his quiver he hid me away" Isaiah 49:2

This is another text read as a messianic prophecy. I am interested in this "weaponized" Messiah, who is like a swift arrow, whose mouth is a sharp sword.

The prophet here speaks of the nation Israel in much the same terms as a commando. Armed with sharp weapons but undercover. There is a stealth quality to this mission. Is the Messiah coming like a thief in the night, unseen until his mission is in progress and unstoppable?

Sharp edges can reveal things. Swords in battle decide victory and defeat. A surgeon's knife divides flesh, that a tumor might be seen and excised. A word directed like a razor can cut what is false from what is true, divide wrong from right.

These are not cost-free actions. Swords in battle cost lives and limbs. Even healing surgery involves blood. Speaking straight can hurt, can provoke reactions, can cut apart people and relationships.

The word may catch you by surprise, but is not really meant to be secret. We hear the Lord "will give you [the Messiah, the messenger and the message] as a light to the nations."

When the truth comes out of the closet, some will rejoice, and others will abhor it. That does not make it less true or less right. The Lord who conceived to bring this word forth, has called for it to be proclaimed far and near. The word is from the Lord, thus it is wholly good. Like the life-giving Lord, the word should bring forth life. Would that those who hear it embrace it, honor it, and live by it. There is always hope.

Giube. Kissaki, edited.


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