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Two sisters know what priests and seers  could not discern. In Galilean hills  far from Temple Mount  and palace rule... God's afoot  when prophet babe  kicks advent news. "Blessed are you!"  is the first word  out her mouth -  just as it would be  for that heavenly voice  speaking hope to Jordan  and to hungry people  awaiting God on mount or plain  (does it really matter if you read  Matthew or Luke?). Must the powerful tumble  for the lowly to be magnified? Yes, saith the Lord,  who is in the business  of exaltation  without exploitation  so that even  a knocked-up peasant girl  knows favor.  Her little babe,  born to trouble  (so Psalmist sang)  would drink deep of her hope,  gulp down God's promise, choke on power's cruel judgment -  and still he rose. Rose above the sickness  by touching lepers. Rose above sin  by dining with sinners  (the wine was just icing on that cake). Rose above Rome and above Caesar  and

A living legacy

It is fitting to honor military veterans on November 11. This day was once celebrated as Armistice Day, the day when the first "Great War" came to an end in 1918. Unfortunately, the ending of that war sowed seeds for so many of the bloody conflicts that have haunted us since. Perhaps the most fitting honor we can pay to those in military service is work to bring about peace. While national service comes in many forms, we know that military service is about preparing for and engaging in warfare. Ever-present is the possibility of inflicting and receiving violence. In its very nature, military service puts people in harm's way. On this day, let us remember those who have served, and those in uniform today. May our nation honor them by using our armed forces wisely, by giving thanks for each veteran who has returned home, by caring for those who have been injured in service, and by praying for the safety of each person still on duty.