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Independence Day 2019

Each July 4th, Americans celebrate the 1776 declaration of independence from the colonial power of England. How good it is to loose the bonds of oppression, to gain freedom from powers which promote injustice and inflict harm, to find liberation from that which keeps us down. Not only tyrants, but illness, poverty, hunger, racism, pain, depression... whatever has us chained. Today is also a good day to remember and honor our DE-pendence, something we tend to view less favorably. But it is our reality. We depend on so many things that are good and right. We depend on those who do the work we cannot, who grow our food or fix our roads, or expand the frontiers of science or enliven the soul through the arts. We depend on just laws and equal rights. We depended upon our parents to bring us into the world. We depend on family and friends, teachers and mentors, on those who care for us when we cannot, and upon those who love us and those we love. And yes, we depend upon the love and