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Independence Day 2014

An Internet search for "Declaration of Independence" returned 4 advertising links before reaching Wikipedia and the National Archives. Art Pieces On Sale - Art Prints & Originals Available. Decorate Your Home Today! Fine Art by Nationality Learn US history - Declaration of Independence basics! Free lesson with history teacher Historical Signature Ties. These silk ties feature signatures of our nation's Founding Fathers. Target® Official Site - Get Great Deals Today. There's no doubt that one of the freedom's envisioned back in 1776 was the freedom to engage in commercial activity. But in commemorating July 4th as a pivotal date in the nation, let us remember those words, for the Declaration's truths were not self-evident then, nor are they now. 1. "The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America." It is remarkable today to think of any congress composed of our states as united and unanimous, especially on a ma