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The Walk to (and From) Emmaus

You may have been blessed to have Someone, perhaps many Someones, in your life who cared for you, who mentored you, who helped awaken you to the best there is in you. Who opened to you the book of yourself and the book of life. Perhaps they are still with you. Perhaps they have passed in one way or another, and you feel their loss. The Walk .

Locked in, but not locked out

I have heard a lot of good preaching. This is among the best. As a preacher myself, about the best response you can get it "It spoke to me." It did. Thank you, preacher. The two fit together but don't miss Locked In, but Not Locked Out . Sermon for the Second Sunday of Easter, preached by Rev. Lisa Bellan-Boyer. Gospel & "Children's" Sermon Catch & Release