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Trump's election

Of course the sun will come up tomorrow. America is not that much different today than yesterday. Donald Trump was elected by the lawful vote of the American people. But it would be a mistake to normalize this break with our democratic tradition or gloss over the demonic, divisive, and destructive forces evoked and encouraged by Trump. I hope he and we turn out better than I fear. Yet we should not optimistically misunderstand his attempts to legitimize himself when they are rooted in the same swamp of disrespect which he used to channel people's fears into political power. The newly elected "Presidential" Trump says "Now it is time for America to bind the wounds of division..." But Donald Trump deepened, inflamed, and poured infectious invective into America's divisions. His call now for healing is the voice of an abuser, offering a band-aid for the wounds he inflicted. America must not be seduced by a few soothing words into returning for more ab