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Memorial Day is designated to remember those who died while in the U.S. military services. It recognizes not just those killed in battle, but all those who gave (and lost) their lives: through illness, accident, suicide, or any other cause. Their profound gift and sacrifice to their nation deserves our honor and memory. There is not always a straight line between what the armed forces do and the liberty we treasure. But the willingness to put their lives in harm’s way makes those who serve in the military worthy of our gratitude and honor. For those who died while in uniform, there are no veterans’ benefits, no parades, no chance to live the lives they might have. To them we owe a debt we cannot pay. So let us give what we can. Care for those who survive them. Love of country and patriotic service to our shared ideals and our constitutional union – even when they may be a bit tattered. And let us never take their sacrifice for granted. Remembering today Capt. Charles U. Warni