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In the aftermath of violence

The destruction in Boston yesterday still causes one to reel in disbelief. But there are several creative things you can do in response. 1. Don't be afraid to feel your feelings of grief, anger, apprehension or whatever you are feeling. But limit your exposure to the news - don't let the horror come back to you all day on cable news or talk radio. 2. Do something good for yourself: call an old friend or a family member, go for a walk, choose something healthy today, even as simple as less caffeine and more water (helps with any stress). 3. Do something good for someone else: write a sympathy card, help a neighbor, donate money to a cause you care about. Someone who commits an act of terror hopes to make you afraid, hopes to make you hide or lash out. Let it instead provoke acts of compassion and generosity. That's the way to win a different kind of battle than the ones terrorists are fighting. And that is actually what happens if you just remember to notice it. Noti