I read the news today

I noticed a headline today: Obama's plan to hike taxes meets fierce opposition. NPR told me that the wealthy no longer wish to flaunt private jets, and that television producers are no longer greenlighting projects with "tricked out people living their tricked out lives" (Marketplace: Less bling on TV screens next season). Bernie Madoff says his $7 million penthouse and $62 million in investments belong to his wife and have nothing to do with his theft of billions (Madoff: NYC Penthouse, $62 Million Are Mine).

In completely unrelated news, a friend called seeking help after receiving a foreclosure letter. Another acquaintance, evicted from their apartment, is almost lucky to be sick enough to be in the hospital rather than on the street. The local liquor store reports that business is good. 12.5% of the world (900 million people) is hungry; two thirds of Americans (200 million) are overweight.

"Gluttony (from Seven Deadly Demons)," Artemio Rodriguez.


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